5 Creative Ways to Save for Vacation

Ahhh, vacation time! Is there any better two-word combination? We don’t think so and here are five simple tips to give you a little more spending money that will make that time away from the hustle and bustle just that little sweeter.

  1. Use your car (road trip) – Very often, the cost of getting there takes the biggest chunk out of a travel budget, with the possible exception of accommodation. Why not eliminate those huge air travel costs by road tripping it? What we like best about a road trip is that it is a great way to bond with family and friends on the way there. These mini getaways are the perfect way to get quality time together (which is what vacations should be all about) and also get there with a fatter wallet.
  2. Use your car (rent it) – You could always carpool and be paid for it, but the newest and probably most lucrative way to earn with your car today is to work for Uber or Lyft. Individuals can earn up to thousands of dollars a month moonlighting outside of work with such car hire companies.Another innovative company lets you rent your car out while on vacation so you get paid while you enjoy yourself thousands of miles away. FlightCar arranges free parking for your car at the airport of your departure and rents it out to travelers arriving there. Simply collect your earnings when you return.
  3. Unload useless stuff – We all have too much junk that we haven’t used for years and probably will not anytime in the future. Getting rid of what you don’t want and will never need is the perfect way to build a solid vacation piggybank. There are countless stories of people discovering antiques and other items that are highly sought after in dingy attics and cobwebbed garage corners. If you are struggling to save for your next vacation, maybe a little spring cleaning could go a long way.
  4. Get fit – That’s right, start preparing your beach body and save at the same time you just cant lose! If you currently drive to work, opting for public transport is a great way to save money. The walk back and forth between home, office and the nearest respective bus or train stops will quickly start burning calories and saving dollars. If you already use public transport, save just that little bit more by getting on or off a couple of stops earlier.The effects on both your financial and your physical well being will be immediate.
  5. A dedicated vacation account – Opening an account specifically to save for your getaway can be a great way to get the ball rolling. Watching the balance creep up will be more than enough inspiration to help you meet your budget target, and perhaps even exceed them.