4 Tips for Saving Before and During a Family Vacation

Family holidays are a great way to unwind, and the associated costs of traveling are small when compared to the rewards in laughter, closeness and the joy of shared experiences that it brings. Still, a little bit of budgeting in the right places and ways can ensure that you have a much more memorable vacation, and perhaps even a longer one.

  1. Your holiday wallet’s best friend – PLANNING – Plan well ahead for your vacations. Early bird deals are a feature common to travel agencies, airlines, hotels and tour operators, even those who do not explicitly advertise them. You already know your kids’ vacation timetables; asking for leave from work months before your vacation increases the likelihood your dates will be approved, too.
  2. MEALS
    • Heavy Lunch, Light Dinner – Virtually every hotel restaurant has a larger crowd in the evening than at lunch. To attract more lunchers, the very same restaurants are considerably cheaper during the day. Make it a point to indulge in a heavy lunch and opt for a lighter dinner.
      Best of all, all the sightseeing during the day means you will burn off the calories!
    • Eat out – Many hotels include breakfast with your stay. For any meal that they do not, take a wander outside and you will find that almost all dining options are considerably more affordable. Better still, you can make simple meals and snacks with the amenities available with your rooms – they are perfect for helping push your dollar that little bit further.
    • Mode of travel – You can reach many travel destinations by at least two different means of transport. Faster is usually more expensive, so why not turn the trip into a mini adventure? ¬†Sail or drive there and take in the sights, sounds and exhilaration of an authentic experience where you get up close and personal with not only nature but the locals traveling with by your side.
    • Public transport – Most cities have a relatively efficient public transport systems, and many of them offer multi-trip passes and discounts over a short period. Avoid taxis and embrace public transport, another great way to meet locals and experience new places as they do.
    • Currency exchange – Not all currency exchange counters are made the same. Those in and near hotels, tourist attractions and the airport give generally less attractive rates than their counterparts further away. Look online for best rates before your travel.
    • Fees – A simple thing like checking your ATM can have ridiculous associated charges overseas. Speak to your bank before you travel and weight out if it is going to be more economical to use the ATM or traveler’s checks.