10 Travel Essentials Every Beauty Addict Needs

Whether you plan to head out for just the weekend, or want to take a couple of weeks off to sit back and relax, looking good should still remain a top priority. The following is a list of travel essentials that will ensure you remain beautiful.

  1. Toothbrush – Fresh breath is part of looking and feeling good, so there is no way you should travel without bringing your favorite toothbrush along.
  2. Dry Shampoo – The good thing with dry shampoo is that it won’t leave powdery residue on your roots and will do away with any grease issues.
  3. Razor – A shaving razor is tiny enough to fit in your makeup bag, which means you can go into a bathroom stall in case you feel that the hairs on your legs have become too much.
  4. Face Mask – The good thing about a facemask is that it will make you feel instantly better after a day of running around in a foreign location.
  5. Face Cleanser – When traveling, it is important that you don’t leave your skin-care routine back at home, which includes you daily face cleanser and oil. These makeup items will ensure that your skin does not appear pale or dry.
  6. BB Cream – The good thing about BB creams is that they are packed with a variety of cosmetic nutrients. Instead of carrying around a host of products, one bottle of this cream will do the job. Some of its main benefits include acting as a skin primer, moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation.
  7. Concealer – A concealer is a must have for any beauty addict, regardless of whether they are in transit or at a particular location. You can pack a high coverage concealer like the slim tubed NARS one for your trip.
  8. Makeup Brushes – These sorts of brushes are almost as thin as your passport, so carrying them around with you won’t be such a problem, especially when you consider the beautification value they can offer you.
  9. Nail Polish – There is no beauty addict who wouldn’t want to keep their nails looking sharp and fabulous at all times, particularly during a long trip. Therefore, nail polish is a must have for any trip.
  10. Nail Polish Remover Pads – If you have nail polish, there is no way you can do without some nail polish remover. It will provide you with the opportunity to switch things up whenever you feel like. Also, packing it won’t be much of an issue.