10 Things You Should Never Do On a Cruise

Whether you’re traveling with family, your significant other or alone, there are lots of things to do while on a cruise. From zip lining and rock climbing, to relaxing by the pool and wine tastings, there’s plenty to fill your days with exciting experiences. However, there are certain things you should never do while on a cruise. In this article, we are going to take a look at the things you should never do when on a cruise:

  1. Do Not Forget to Plan Ahead – If you want to fully enjoy your cruise, you should plan ahead so that things can go smoothly. For instance, consider making making copies of your credit cards and passport, and also have them accessible online. In addition to that, check out the international cell phone limitations so as to avoid expensive data roaming charges.
  2. Do Not Choose the Wrong Cabin – Choosing the right cabin is very important, so make sure you research the cabins on the cruise website before booking. If you aren’t sure about which cabin to choose, you can contact the cruise line staff for assistance. They’ll provide you with all the information you need to choose a suitable cabin.
  3. Do Not Skip Breakfast – It’s true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when on a cruise. You’ll need a lot of energy for most of cruise activities, especially outdoor activities such as swimming, kayaking, bicycling, among others. Remember to take note of the breakfast time and ask for a list of the meals.
  4. Do Not Get Wasted When on Cruise – You need to know your limits, and always drink responsibly. Remember that you’re on the cruise to enjoy yourself as you explore the world. Drink smart and always take your time to explore the surroundings. Besides, a cruise tends to be bumpy and walking around the ship is tricky enough even when you are sober. Moreover, there are steep steps, slippery surfaces and other raised thresholds which can trip you up especially when not sober.
  5. Do Not Get Upset When the Ship Skips a Port – Though rare, from time to time, ships tend to skip certain scheduled ports, usually because of weather restrictions; for safety reasons. At times, the ship might offer some kind of compensation, but it isn’t a requirement to do so. In case this happens when on a cruise, don’t get mad, just take advantage of the extra time onboard and enjoy the cruise ship’s activities.
  6. Do Not Forget To Wash Your Hands – Spread of germs wile on a cruise can be prevented if every passenger washes their hands on a regular basis, especially after using the toilet. Failure to do this is what leads to outbreak of diseases like the norovirus which is common on cruise ships.
  7. Do Not Engage in Disorderly Conduct – Throwing a fit, slapping someone, punching someone, or any other unruly behavior is a No No when on a cruise. It could actually get you thrown off the cruise ship. Cruise lines generally have certain codes of conduct which the passengers agree to when they sign the contracts. If a passenger misbehaves onboard, the cruise line reserves the right to thrown them out.
  8. Do Not Dress Inappropriately – Always try to dress conservatively when traveling abroad. Do not display your wallet that’s full of cash, and do not wear expensive jewelry. When visiting a temple, remember to cover up as you will not be allowed enter otherwise. Try and learn the dress codes of the various places you plan to visit when on your cruise.
  9. Do Not Push Yourself Over the Limit – When out on shore excursions, do not push yourself over the limit. If you happen to feel tired or if the activity is too strenuous, do not feel pressured to keep on going. Pushing yourself too hard may cause an injury which will dampen the rest of your cruise.
  10. Do Not Bring Drugs, Weapons or Any Other Illegal Items Onboard – This goes without saying, never bring illegal items or drugs on board. If you are caught smuggling weapons, drugs or any other illegal items, your beautiful cruise vacation will be cut short and you will end up in the police cells.