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October 21, 2016

Is Travel Insurance a Waste of Money? Many travelers usually spend plenty of time planning for the perfect vacation, but they tend to overlook or forget the importance of obtaining travel insurance. One thing you need to know is that travelers are much more vulnerable to accidents and illnesses, especially when they're traveling to fore ...…more

October 19, 2016

Brazilian Seafood Stew - Moqueca Like Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is a city of contrasts and this is reflected as much in its people as it is in the cuisine. Just as European, AmerIndian and African skin tones mix and meld to create a unique populace, these three worlds also combine to create the unique gastronomic adventure that is Rio ...…more

October 17, 2016

Costa Rica Tree Frog If your idea of the perfect trip is getting real up close and personal with nature, then you should consider visiting Costa Rica; a true dream destination for the ecotourist. Considered to be among the most biodiverse countries on the planet, this beautiful country is divided…more

October 14, 2016

little-caye-utila Private Island. Those two words together evoke visions of jet-setting billionaires living it up in secluded locations without a care in the world. Richard Branson rents his own one located in the British Virgin Islands out at about $40,000 a night. But an island getaway for you and some close friend ...…more

October 13, 2016

Secrets Aura The honeymoon phase is a big part of a newlywed couple’s life as it is the time they get to know each other even more romantically. If you would like to start a new chapter of your life in a laid-back, tropical setting with some of the best honeymoon services for couples, then take a look at the Sec ...…more

October 10, 2016

the-louvre Located in Paris, the Musée du Louvre, also known simply as, The Louvre, is one of the biggest tourist attractions in France, and is among the largest museums in the world. The Musee du Louvre is also the most visited art museum on the planet, and houses some of the most unique and impressive ancien ...…more

October 7, 2016

6-tips-to-sleep-well One of the most annoying things about travel is the lack of sleep on flights. Here we look at six tips to help you sleep on your flight.…more

October 5, 2016

sandals-barbados Seclusion. Privacy. Luxury If that is the essence of what you look for in an adults only travel experience, Sandals Barbados awaits as your perfect couple's getaway.…more

October 4, 2016

st-basils-cathedral Moscow as one of the travel destinations on the rise, and it isn't hard to see why it is growing in popularity. As the capital city of Russia, Moscow demonstrates the country's amazing contrast with a mix of contemporary and ancient/historical sights. Moscow is a very lively city, which is full of p ...…more

September 30, 2016

TripIt In recent years, travel has become so much easier, thanks largely to emergence of smartphones and the amazing apps which are created for them. Here is the list of my favorite 'don't leave home' without these apps:…more

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Lynn Farrell