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It was a long journey to get to Easter Island, so arriving felt extra special and rewarding. There is really a magic feeling on this tiny island…and a genuine sense of community that I’ve never experienced anywhere else before. My favorite part was seeing the quarry where all of the moai statues are made!

The Atacama Desert is the most unique desert I've ever been to. It is the driest desert in the entire world and also one of the oldest. Many landscapes here-including the salt flats-seem other-worldly against the backdrop of the Andes mountain range. The beauty you observe is desolate yet peaceful and magnificent.

There's nothing like being on safari! Kenya is one of the best destinations within Africa to experience this incredible type of adventure. The people are so kind and the culture is one of the oldest on the planet. It is nothing short of incredible to get up close to powerful wild animals in their natural habitat.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and is the perfect destination to combine with Dubai! It is home to a majority of government buildings, palaces, and special exhibits. You can also visit the UAE version of the Louvre museum here! Abu Dhabi really has something for every kind of traveler and is the best place to experience authentic Emirati culture.