Best Pools in the Riviera Maya

October 20, 2014

Best Riviera Maya PoolsSwimming pools – they’re cool, they’re refreshing.  For some people, they’re the primary reason to go on vacation.  Families can enjoy quality time splashing around wave pools and water parks.  Children adore swimming pools so much that sometimes after they get in, it’s difficult to get them out again.  Adults might enjoy the luxury of swim up bars.  They can relax in submerged lounge chairs while soaking up sunshine.  Here is our list of some of the best resorts for pool lovers in the Riviera Maya:

  1. Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso

The pool at the adults only Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso is fantastic because it is filled with salt-water instead of chlorine.  Salt-water pools are much better for your hair and skin.  The pool is very large and surrounded by lounge chairs.  Submerged lounge chairs await in the shallow water.  This is a great place to relax and sunbath on a hot day while staying cool as your body is partially submerged.  Another great way to stay cool at the Iberostar pool is to visit the swim up bar.  Iberostar’s swim up bar serves unlimited premium liquors, wines, and beer.  There is a hot tub next to the pool for when the sun starts to go down, and at night there is live music and dancing around the pool deck.  For those who prefer a bit more tranquility, Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso also has a separate quiet pool.

  1. Now Sapphire

The pool at the Now Sapphire is terrific because it is so large and expansive.  It’s hard not to feel like a dolphin or a mermaid when enjoying this pool.  Swim beneath bridges or around the wedding gazebo, which stands like an island in the center of this swimming pool.  There are waterfalls, submerged lounge chairs, and a swim up bar with afternoon games and activities.  A great perk about the pool at the Now Sapphire is that the beach is just a few steps away should you desire a change of scenery.

  1. Valentin Imperial Maya

Speaking of ginormous pools, the Valentin Imperial has one of the largest pools in all of Mexico.  The pool at this adults only resort has multiple swim up bars.  It also has poolside wait service included, just in case you prefer to be served from your luxurious lounge chair.  With an equally incredible beach, the Valentin Imperial Maya is a great choice for honeymoons and romantic getaways for couples that enjoy swimming and lounging.

  1. Iberostar Paraiso Lindo

Perhaps it was the children’s splash water park, lazy river, and the wave pool that earned the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo the #5 spot in TripAdvisor’s “Top 25 Hotels for Family in Mexico”.  The long series of pools at the Lindo stretch from the beach and inland, providing unlimited family entertainment and water activities.  With all design and architecture staying true to the Mayan theme, the front of the Lindo’s wave pool even looks like a Mayan temple.  There is also a swim up bar located within a shaded cove for the adults.  Guests that stay at the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo are also permitted to visit the Iberostar Paraiso del Mar, where they will find three swim up bars, as well as one of the largest pools in the Riviera Maya.

If you’re looking to plan a vacation to the Riviera Maya, give us a call so we can help experience some of these great pools.

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Planning an Island Vacation

October 14, 2014

island vacationIf you are anything like me, there is nothing more relaxing then laying out on a beach in a tropical destination with a drink in one hand as I work on my tan. When it comes to planning an island vacation, there are certainly some things that should be considered to make sure that you get the most out of your vacation. With there being so many options from islands in the Caribbean to Hawaii, finding the spot that is right for your trip can sometimes be difficult. If you are looking to plan a vacation to a tropical island, these are tips that can help plan your trip.

One of the first things that you should consider when planning your island getaway is your budget. Without having a budget in place beforehand will cause issues when trying to plan. For instance if your budget is tight, there are some islands that you won’t want to consider such as Fiji since it is much more expensive to visit. With having a budget set before planning your trip, you will have a better understanding of which islands you can afford visiting. Some of the best islands to consider if you are on a tight budget is in the Caribbean. If you live on the east coast the airfare here will be cheaper as compared to some other island destinations and there are usually some cheap all inclusive packages that you can book where you can save on your airfare, hotel and food plan.

For your island getaway, another thing that you should consider is if the island you are considering offers the types of activities you want to do. One of the great things about going on vacation is the opportunity to try out new things as well as being able to do certain things you love to do. While during the process of planning your trip, you should try to work out a list of things you want to do such as spending a day at a world class spa or maybe zip lining through a jungle and making sure the islands you are considering offer it. Just recently a friend of mines was so excited about a trip she planned for an island vacation because she found a great deal and thought she would spend her entire trip on the beach. While she did spend a lot of time on the beach, she did want to do some other activities but unfortunately the activities offered in the area were things she couldn’t or didn’t want to do.

A third thing to consider when planning your island vacation is making sure you pick the right resort. One of the most important things to consider when booking your resort stay is how far is the hotel from the beach as well as other things. If the resort you decide on is in the middle of no where and a far distance from the beach, it will make getting around a lot more difficult for you. The most optimal place to book your resort stay is at a hotel that is right on the beach. Probably with this though is these types of resorts are more expensive to stay at. If you can’t afford to stay at a beach resort, try considering resorts that are a short walk away from the beach as it will make your trip more enjoyable.

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Tips for Saving on your Thanksgiving Vacation

October 10, 2014

Thanksgiving vacationWith Thanksgiving already being next month, there is no way to sugarcoat it but if you’re looking to get away, you will be hard pressed to find a great deal. While it may be more expensive than if you booked your trip a couple months back when prices were lower, there are ways you can find a decent last minute deal for your trip. A couple of years back my family and I tried to book a last minute Thanksgiving vacation to Los Cabos and while the prices were more expensive than other months, we still found a pretty good deal. If you’re looking for ways to save on your last minute trip this Thanksgiving, these are some things that you can do.

One of the best ways to find a last minute deal during this time is to pick your destination wisely. As I’m sure you know, there are certain destinations that are a lot more expensive to visit so I wouldn’t even consider them. For instance one popular spot that might not be right for your trip is Hawaii as this is a very high demand destination and prices will be very high. Some destinations that you could consider for your trip is in the Caribbean and Mexico. Both places have popular beach destinations where you can get away from the cold and enjoy some warm weather. One of the reasons why I recommend destinations in these areas is because of the types of packages you might be able to find. Both the Caribbean and Mexico are well known as being some of the best spots to book an all inclusive package where your airfare, resort stay, food and more are included in your deal.

Another way you can save on your trip this Thanksgiving is to not be afraid when you travel. For instance one great way you can find some better prices for your airfare is to fly out on Thanksgiving day. Not many people want to take flights during this time so there is a chance that you might find a good deal. You could also consider taking flights with a lot of stopovers. Again most people want to take the most direct route to their destination so with you willing to have a couple of stopovers, there’s a chance you could save on your airfare. Another time to consider for your airfare are early morning flights as well as red-eyes as the prices for these flights might be cheaper.

If there is a destination you are set on and you need to book you travel during times where prices are higher, you need to find other ways to save for your trip. One option to consider is to make sure that the place you book your accommodations with has a kitchen. I know you are on vacation and don’t want to spend time in the kitchen, but if you’re looking to save this is something you should consider. For most vacations, one of the most expensive things that you have to pay for is food, especially if you have a large family, and by preparing your own meals you can save. Another thing you should consider doing is looking for some free or cheap activities to do while on your trip. Since your airfare and hotel eat up most of your budget, by researching things in the area to do beforehand that are either free or not expensive can help you save and allow you to experience more of the destination you are visiting.

Traveling during the holidays isn’t cheap but doing these things can help you save on your last m

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Dreams Riviera: Come for the Nachos, Stay for the Fun

October 3, 2014

pool_dreamsIf you’re looking for an all inclusive resort for your next vacation to Cancun, one you might consider is Dream Riviera Cancun. Dreams Riviera is a luxury beach side resort that offers all of the amenities you could want for your trip.

Near the family swimming pool at Dreams Riviera Cancun, there’s a restaurant called the Barefoot Grill that has a wondrous and delicious make-your-own nachos bar. The most glorious nacho bar if ever a bar could proclaim such glory for nacho goodness. Top your crispy corn tortilla chips with cheese, guacamole, salsa, and/or pickled jalapenos. Help yourself to the various condiments, sauces, and freshly chopped or even mashed seasoned vegetables. Ask the waiter to grill some fresh carne asada, or maybe a hamburger, but why eat a hamburger when you can have nachos? There’s also couscous, pasta salad, and pizza for haters.

For most vacationers, food becomes an integral part of the travel experience.  Some like to discover new cuisine and flavors, while others prefer access to their favorite comfort foods.  No matter the preference, most resorts aim to please the entire gamete of culinary tourism with food offerings that range from buffet to gourmet.

The food at Dreams Riviera Cancun is definitely eclectic. It features a mix of cuisines from around the world, which tends to taste better at a la carte restaurants. Dreams Riviera Cancun has eight restaurants that feature French, Mexican, Pan-Asian, seafood, and Italian cuisine. These are the restaurants where you will find the best quality fare. Lastly, Dreams Riviera Cancun also has an international buffet as well as twenty-four hour room service. Feel like eating nachos, pizza, or a burrito in bed at three in the morning? No problem.beach_chairs

There are more reasons to visit Dreams Riviera Cancun beyond the excuse to take a few days off from your diet. Dreams Riviera Cancun offers “unlimited luxury”, as well as unlimited top shelf liquor. Honeymooners and newlyweds will even find a bottle of champagne waiting for them upon arrival. Each room’s mini-bar is restocked daily, because when drinks are complimentary, they tend to disappear from the bar rather quickly. Guests can order more drinks via the twenty-four hour room service, or visit a few of Dreams Riviera Cancun’s six bars and lounges.

During the day, sip pina coladas mixed with Cuban rum on the beach near the Barracuda Beach bar, or enjoy a mojito by the pool at Sugar Reef. Why not drink a mojito in the pool at Manatees Swim Up Bar? Spend the evening or a rainy day socializing at The Rendezvous Lobby Bar, or else dance, play billiards, or check the latest sports scores at Desires Music Lounge and Sports Bar.

For those who enjoy swimming and sunshine, Dreams Riviera Cancun has two all ages pools, two children’s pools, and two very large outdoor Jacuzzis. The swim up bar is located inside an infinity pool, which provides stupendous views of the Caribbean Sea. Dreams Riviera Cancun’s white sand beach has plenty of chairs and loungers for relaxing while listening to the ocean.

The sea can be heard from select preferred club rooms as well. These rooms also come with not one but two Jacuzzis – one is located inside, and the other is located outside on the balcony. The rooms feature a unique, circular layout so that they are very open and welcoming. There are wood, vented separators in the middle of the rooms. Found on one side are the large, comfortable beds that face out towards the ocean or pool. On the other side, there are two sinks and a spacious, echoing shower (great acoustics for singing!). The floors and countertops are all made of cool marble, and there is even a couch for relaxation. Dreams Riviera Cancun offers swim up suites with ocean, pool, or garden views as well. Many of the rooms have doors in between so that families and groups have the option of connecting their rooms together.

Dreams Riviera Cancun is great for family vacations because there are supervised clubs for kids and teens, as well as weekly campout adventures. Not only do these programs keep children entertained, but they also allow the grownups to have some alone time. It’s like a vacation away from a family vacation! Better yet, at Dreams Riviera Cancun, kids stay, eat, and play for free between select dates.

Dreams Riviera Cancun has complimentary greens for golfers, big screen movies on the beach, complimentary hobbie cats, kayaking, and snorkeling, too. On occasion, there are special events that are open to guests, such as the 1920s speakeasy casino night and cabaret. All of this fun might generate an increase in appetite, in which case there are always more nachos to be had at the Barefoot Grill!

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Things to Think About Before Planning your Vacation

September 22, 2014

vacation planningWhen it comes to planning your vacation, there are certain things that you will need to think about before actually booking your trip. I know for some they don’t enjoy the process of doing the research and spending time trying to find the best price, but doing so can not only help you save money but also make sure you go on a trip that you’ll love. Over the years I have heard some horror stories from travelers who didn’t take the time to figure things about before booking their trip and ended up having a miserable time. Here are some tips on things you should think about before planning your vacation.

One of the more important things that you need to figure out before booking for your trip is deciding when you will travel. If you are traveling with a lot of people or just your significant other, you need to find a date that works for everyone. You most likely won’t be traveling by yourself so you won’t be able to travel whenever you want because you will need to worry about things like if your kids are in school or your friends not being able to take off that weekend. What will also help you with your trip by deciding on the dates first is that it could help you save as you can try to book your vacation during the off peak months when prices are lower.

The next thing that you should try to figure out after you got your dates chosen is your budget. Having a budget in place will ensure that you book a trip that you can afford. In your budget make sure that you don’t just include the cost of airfare and your hotel stay. I know a lot of people just look at these two things when working out their budget but there are other things that you need to consider like food as well as different activities you want to do. If you want to get the most for your money and don’t want to worry about paying for your food and activities, I highly recommend booking an all inclusive vacation as these packages include these types of things for a discounted price.

Now that you have your dates and budget figured out, the next step is figuring out which destination you want to visit. When looking at destinations for your vacation, make sure you only look at ones that you can afford. So for instance if you’re on a tight budget, don’t look at a destination like Hawaii as it is expensive. If you’re looking for an all inclusive package like mentioned above, there are only certain destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean that offer these types of trips so look at spots like those. Another things that you will want to do when researching destinations is to make sure that they offer the types of things you want to do on your trip as well as offering resorts you would want to stay at.

If you’re looking for personal service to plan and book your next trip, make sure you contact us so we can help.

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